Trampoline classes in Brampton
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Trampoline classes in Brampton are offered at Gymnastics Giants. The funnest part of gymnastics is the trampoline. We have 5 different kinds of trampolines to use and we will teach you how to use them all. The Olympic size trampoline is super sprung so you better be ready for some serious air time. Surrounded by huge resi crash pits for safety and a spotting belt overhead to teach in complete safety how to do back flips, front flips and even double backs.

We also have a kinder tramp for the little ones or when learning new tricks safely. Then there are the two mini trampolines which allow you to run first and build up speed before you take off into the air onto the crash mats. Then finally the tumble track . All this causes maximum fun and excitement! These are all basic trampoline classes and we also offer an advnced non competitive class as well!
Trampoline Classes Offered
1x/week ...$69/mnth


1 Hr class
Session #1... Sept 7th 2009- Jan 31st 2010
Session #2... Feb 1st 2010- June 27th 2010
   Mon  Tues Wed  Thurs Fri   Sat  Sun 
 Ages 5-7 6:30   8:00 6:30
 Ages 8-12 6:30  8:00  6:30  8:00  7:00
Ages 7-15
 8:00         2:00   
***Payments are done by submitting 5 post dated cheques for the session. There is a registration fee for all new and returning members. This is to register all kids with the Ontario Gymnastic Association. They are $25 for 1 hr class and under $35 for 1.5 hr class, $50 for 2 hr class. Competitive registration fees upon request.

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